Setup For Web Cache

Installation in Apache or iAS

NOTE: the Oracle Cache Service examples require OCS4J's cache.jar which
      is installed only with Oracle9iAS Enterprise Edition.  The file system
      examples will run with Enterprise, Standard or Http editions.

1) copy the  your apache webserver's doc_root as usual
   unix example: % cp <your_apache_root>/htdocs

2) unzip the zip file
   unix example: % unzip -a

3) For the file system demos, 

   edit the wcache.xml file in <your_doc_root>/WEB-INF and change
   the value (param-value) of reporoot to a temporary working directory 
   which exists in your file system.

4) For the OCS examples,

 - add the following to your zone properties file such as "" :<your_doc_root>\WEB-INF\misc-file\

 - edit the file diskPath entry to point to
    a directory where you want OCS4J to output the persistent cache
   for example,
   diskPath   = d:\tmp\ocscache
 - for other configurable Programmable Web Cache settings, such as 
   cache_policy_in_ocs, see the latest documentation on OTN.

 - for other configurable OCS4J settings, please refer to the OCS4J user

 - make sure that OCS4J's cache.jar is available in your web server's 
6) restart your apache web server
   <your_apache_root>/bin/apachectl restart