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Class AttributeReadXMLException


public class AttributeReadXMLException
extends ReadXMLException

Thrown when reading an xml document fails for a RowSet or a Row. This exception could contain an array of exceptions thrown while reading a RowSet, one exception per Row.

JDeveloper 3.2
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Constructor Summary
AttributeReadXMLException(java.lang.String attrName, int attrIndex, java.lang.String tagString, java.lang.Exception exc)
          Constructs a new instance.
Method Summary
 int getAttributeIndex()
 java.lang.String getAttributeName()
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Constructor Detail


public AttributeReadXMLException(java.lang.String attrName,
                                 int attrIndex,
                                 java.lang.String tagString,
                                 java.lang.Exception exc)
Constructs a new instance.
attrName - Name of the attribute that failed to update during xml read operation.
attrIndex - Index of the attribute that failed to update during xml read operation.
tagString - The tag for the xml-node for which the read operation failed.
exc - A bag of exceptions collected. The xml-read operation attempts to read each row's xml and on exception, adds that to this bag
Method Detail


public java.lang.String getAttributeName()


public int getAttributeIndex()

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