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Packages that use InsertEvent
oracle.jbo Contains interfaces for client-side applications. 
oracle.jbo.common Contains the implementation of components shared by thin clients and the middle tier. 

Uses of InsertEvent in oracle.jbo

Methods in oracle.jbo with parameters of type InsertEvent
 void RowSetListener.rowInserted(InsertEvent event)
          Invoked when a row has been inserted.

Uses of InsertEvent in oracle.jbo.common

Methods in oracle.jbo.common with parameters of type InsertEvent
 void RowSetHelper.fireRowInserted(InsertEvent event)

Uses of InsertEvent in oracle.jbo.jbotester

Methods in oracle.jbo.jbotester with parameters of type InsertEvent
 void NavBar.rowInserted(InsertEvent event)
 void RowSetPanel.rowInserted(InsertEvent event)
 void TreePanel.rowInserted(InsertEvent event)

Business Components