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Class JSViewCurrentRecord


public class JSViewCurrentRecord
extends DataWebBeanImpl

Fields inherited from class oracle.jdeveloper.html.DataWebBeanImpl
attributeRenderers, bReleaseApplication, dispAttrs, qView, sApplication, sRowSetName
Fields inherited from class oracle.jdeveloper.html.WebBeanImpl
application, ctx, out, page, request, response, session
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 void internalInitialize()
          Internal initialize.
 void JSViewCurrentRecord()
 void render()
          Renders an HTML table that contains records from the View Object's RowSet.
 void setShowRecordNumbers(boolean bShow)
          Sets whether the control will render the record numbers in the browser.
Methods inherited from class oracle.jdeveloper.html.DataWebBeanImpl
clearDisplayAttributes, getApplicationFromContext, getApplicationName, getAttributeLabel, getDisplayAttributeDefs, getDisplayAttributes, getDisplayFieldRenderer, getEditFieldRenderer, getRowFromKey, getRowKey, getRowSet, getViewObjectName, handleCommit, initialize, initialize, initialize, isAppStateful, releaseApplicationResources, releaseApplicationResources, setDisplayAttributes, setDisplayFieldRenderer, setDisplayFieldRenderer, setEditFieldRenderer, setEditFieldRenderer, setReleaseApplicationResources, setRowSet, shouldDisplayAttribute
Methods inherited from class oracle.jdeveloper.html.WebBeanImpl
generateScriptSrc, getCookie, getOut, getRenderingContext, getRequest, getRequestVariable, getUniqueName, initBeanForJS, initialize, initialize, initialize, render, setRequestVariable
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Constructor Detail


public JSViewCurrentRecord()
Method Detail


public void JSViewCurrentRecord()


public void setShowRecordNumbers(boolean bShow)
Sets whether the control will render the record numbers in the browser.
bShow - true to display record number; false to suppress record numbers.


public void internalInitialize()
                        throws java.lang.Exception
Description copied from interface: WebBean
Internal initialize. This method should be overriden by any WebBean needing to initialize some internal data after all the base class member have been initialize properly.
internalInitialize in class DataWebBeanImpl


public void render()
            throws java.lang.Exception
Renders an HTML table that contains records from the View Object's RowSet. This is the View Object to which the RowSetBrowser object was initialized.
render in class WebBeanImpl

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