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Class ViewCurrentRecord


public class ViewCurrentRecord
extends DataWebBeanImpl

The ViewCurrentRecord Data Web Bean displays a read-only version of the current record of a View Object's RowSet.

JDeveloper's JSP Element wizard instantiates the ViewCurrentRecord class in a jsp:useBean tag in a .jsp file. Along with the class, the wizard also includes an ID and a scope declaration set to request. If you change the scope to any other value, you will have to handle possible multithreading issues.

The definition of ViewCurrentRecord provided by the wizard includes these methods: setUseRoundedCorners, setShowRecordNumbers, setReleaseApplicationResources, initialize, and render. For example,

 <jsp:useBean   class="oracle.jbo.html.databeans.ViewCurrentRecord"
                         id="vcrMaster"  scope="request" >

     vcrMaster.initialize(application,session, request,response,out,

The value assigned to the setReleaseApplicationResources method determines whether the Application Module is released after ViewCurrentRecord Data Web Bean processes it. Typically, the value should not be set to true unless this is the last Web Bean to be processed in the JSP page.

Field Summary
protected  boolean showRecordNumber
protected  boolean useRoundedCorners
Fields inherited from class oracle.jdeveloper.html.DataWebBeanImpl
attributeRenderers, bReleaseApplication, dispAttrs, qView, sApplication, sRowSetName
Fields inherited from class oracle.jdeveloper.html.WebBeanImpl
application, ctx, out, page, request, response, session
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 void render()
          Renders the current record from the RowSet of the View Object.
 void setShowRecordNumbers(boolean bShow)
          Sets whether the control will render the record numbers in the browser.
 void setUseRoundedCorners(boolean bSet)
          Enables or disables the use of rounded corners in the HTML table generated by this Web Bean.
Methods inherited from class oracle.jdeveloper.html.DataWebBeanImpl
clearDisplayAttributes, getApplicationFromContext, getApplicationName, getAttributeLabel, getDisplayAttributeDefs, getDisplayAttributes, getDisplayFieldRenderer, getEditFieldRenderer, getRowFromKey, getRowKey, getRowSet, getViewObjectName, handleCommit, initialize, initialize, initialize, internalInitialize, isAppStateful, releaseApplicationResources, releaseApplicationResources, setDisplayAttributes, setDisplayFieldRenderer, setDisplayFieldRenderer, setEditFieldRenderer, setEditFieldRenderer, setReleaseApplicationResources, setRowSet, shouldDisplayAttribute
Methods inherited from class oracle.jdeveloper.html.WebBeanImpl
generateScriptSrc, getCookie, getOut, getRenderingContext, getRequest, getRequestVariable, getUniqueName, initBeanForJS, initialize, initialize, initialize, render, setRequestVariable
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clone, equals, finalize, getClass, hashCode, notify, notifyAll, toString, wait, wait, wait

Field Detail


protected boolean showRecordNumber


protected boolean useRoundedCorners
Constructor Detail


public ViewCurrentRecord()
Method Detail


public void setUseRoundedCorners(boolean bSet)
Enables or disables the use of rounded corners in the HTML table generated by this Web Bean.

bSet - true to use rounded corners; false to use squared corners.


public void setShowRecordNumbers(boolean bShow)
Sets whether the control will render the record numbers in the browser.

bShow - true to display record numbers; false to suppress record numbers.


public void render()
            throws java.lang.Exception
Renders the current record from the RowSet of the View Object. This is the View Object to which the ViewCurrentRecord object was initialized.
render in class WebBeanImpl

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