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Interface ValidationListener

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public interface ValidationListener

Implemented by Entity Objects and other Business Objects that need to provide validation logic to be performed during various validation events generated by the framework.

Validation is typically performed in currency change operations or during transaction commit operations, or whenever a complete transaction is being validated by application logic.

JDeveloper 3.0

Method Summary
 boolean isValid()
          Reports the state of instance's validity.
 void validate()
          Validates this object.

Method Detail


public void validate()
              throws JboException
Validates this object.
JboException - if validation fails.


public boolean isValid()
Reports the state of instance's validity.

Typically, this instance is an entry in a validation list maintained by a ValidationManager, which invokes validate(). If this method returns true, this instance may be removed from the list, otherwise this instance should remain on the list.

true if this instance has been validated.

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