Package oracle.jsp.jwcache

Interface Summary
CacheConfig An interface to represent configuration paramaters for caching Configuration parameters is basically a name-to-value and string-to-string pairs.

Class Summary
CacheBlock CacheBlock class that represents the basic meta-data and actual cache data of cache block.
CacheClientUtil A utility library class that contains static methods to ease up user's burden.
CachePolicy CachePolicy is a class that represents a cache policy in Oracle Java Web Cache.
ExpirationPolicy ExpirationPolicy represents the expiration and storage information used in storing cache data in cache repository.
SectionId SectionId is an id of a cache block or a cache section within a certain web page.

Exception Summary
CachePolicyLoadingException The exception thrown if errors encountered during the loading the cache policy descriptor file.
CacheRuntimeException a runtime exception to capture any java web cache related exception during runtime, if developers choose to set reportException in their cache policies to true (by default, this attribute is true).